¿Quieres tener el distintivo?

If you want to gain visibility for your brand or store with Basque moda emblem, join and learn about the advantages it has to offer you.

1. The local consumer will realize that your brand is designed in the Basque Country feeling the emotion of a product of quality and difference.

2. The local and foreign consumer will identify your shop as one selling fashion designed in the Basque country,

3. You will belong to a collective of brands and businesses, the BASQUEMODA collective.

4. you will be entitled to use the emblem, everywhere you want to use it (garments, accessories, web, social networks, shops, offices)

5. You will profit from all our communication platforms ( website, APP for the brand and stores identification, flyers, vinyls…)

6. you will contribute to strengthen the image of Basque fashion both locally and internationally for the benefit of all of us.

7. With BASQUEMODA we believe you will increase your visibility and sales.