Designs that share a common guiding pattern: Basque culture

Some figures to bear in mind

The fashion sector directly employs some 6,750 people in the Basque Country, spanning the industrial and retail sectors, which represents 2.63 % of total employment in the region.
All that economic activity offers annual turnover figures of some 98.5 million euros.
Data from November 2015


The Cluster

It’s clear, then, that the sector is large enough, and consolidated enough, to bring together the various agents involved [designers, stores, manufacturers and distributors] in a Basque Fashion Cluster, represented by a label, with two important objectives:

• For the local consumer, the Basque consumer, to be able to identify and recognise Basque fashion, and enjoy consuming and wearing Basque fashion brands.

• For tourists visiting the Basque Country to identify and recognise a unique, defining value, one that they bear in mind when purchasing quality items that represent our territory.